Cider Vinegar Gummy Bears

All the goodness without the yucky taste

Vinebears are made with fresh cider vinegar (with the mother), and are a great way to increase your cider vinegar intake. 

The benefits of cider vinegar are numerous. As a prebiotic it feeds the good bacteria in your gut. 80% of serotonin and 70% of our immune system is developed in our gut so creating a healthy and balanced gut flora is essential for our wellbeing.

Cider vinegar is a disinfectant and cleanses us internally by breaking down toxins in our system. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is a superfood!

If you are a cider vinegar lover and already consume it in its natural form then these Vinebears are not for you (unless you just fancy some)! These have the most benefit for those who don't get on with drinking it naturally.

The bears are chewy and taste more like apple pie than vinegar - although take a good wiff of the jar and you'll be hit with the cider vinegar locked inside!

Each jar contains 61 bears (the jar says 60 but has one extra for luck)